Current Members and Musical Directors

Here is a list of some of the key members and musical directors, current for the 2016-2017 season.

Musical Directors

BWCB Concert Band: Marc Edwards
Second Wind: Kevin Ransom
Beaufort Band: Elin Davies

Committee Members

Chairman: Kate Tunstall
Co-Chair (and Beaufort Rep): Jacquie Champion
Treasurer (and Beaufort Rep):Paul Foster
General Manager (and Second Wind Rep): Gill Leather
Membership Secretary (and CB Rep): Ruth Wise
Concert Band Reps: Steve Harrison, Vicky Mathers, Karen Dower
Second Wind Reps: Lorraine Vaughan, Karen Lintell-Smith


Kate Amos, Jo Rogers

Offshoot and Associate Group leaders

Breakaway Brass:Margaret Walker
Liquorice Allsorts Clarinet Ensemble: Vicky Mathers
Sax Blast: Sarah Gooderham
"Classic Wind": Mary Percival
Dr G's Big Band: Gaynor Popplestone