BWCB Breakaway Brass

About Breakaway Brass

"Breakaway Brass" is a small but enthusiastic and friendly brass band that meets every Tuesday during term-time at the Open Learning Centre, Bracknell, Berkshire 8:00-10:00pm.
The band does not take part in contests. Most of our performances are for community events such as fêtes and open days

Windsor Castle July 2015

Breakaway Brass Band Vacancies

New members are always welcome.
  • We would particularly like more cornets (especially front row), more trombones, one more baritone and auxiliary percussionists (percussion instruments are provided)
  • Also we are on the look out for a regular conductor for the brass band. This could be an opportunity for someone who wants to get more conducting experience with a medium-sized ensemble and loves the sound of a traditional brass band!
Shinfield party


  • "Breakaway Brass" can be booked to perform at fêtes, parades and other events
  • Performances at charity events are free of charge but donations are encouraged, to cover costs and extend the repertoire of music that the group can perform

Barkham Carols